You know the saying “As quiet as a mouse”, that’s what fieldcraft is all about. As a cadet you will learn how to move quietly and covertly in the field, carrying out a variety of different non-combat situations. We’ll teach you everything you need to know within our squadron compound, and then put this into practice at a local park.

Fieldcraft is taught uniformly across all squadrons, starting from the most basic hand signals, to more complex tasks such as setting up a harbor area. It is a key part of our training syllabus and all cadets will be expected to know how to act when out in the field. You will have a number of opportunities to go away on a camp with cadets from other squadrons and put everything you have learnt into practice.

Once we are happy you have mastered moving in the field we will kick things up a notch. You’ll be shown how to construct a one man and a two man bivvi using nothing but a sheet of tar-poling, some pegs and bungees. You’ll experience the ins and outs of cooking in the field, and have what is most likely to be your first taste of a military 24 hour ration pack.

If you love living and spending time outdoors then Fieldcraft will be the activity for you!